Chasing the Trends – Insight Into What Will Be Driving Your Customers’ Buying Behavior in 2023

Tuesday • April 4, 2023
10:00 AM -
 11:00 AM
Balcony I-K

Consumer buying behavior changes as generations age, technology advances, and macrotrends make their influence known (e.g., covid). With a world wide web of knowledge at their fingertips, homeowners don’t lack information on new products or your social reputation. Beyond their desire for a lower cost solution and a contractor they can trust, what other factors will drive their purchasing decisions in the coming year? In this session we will:

  • Unpack the hard data on your homeowners and shine a light on what they may be thinking and not telling you
  • Learn about what’s most important to them at each step of the decision-making process, especially as our industry expands into more complex upgrade packages alongside the IRA’s $9B HOMES and electrification rebate incentives.
Cynthia Adams Headshot_250x250
Cynthia Adams
CEO & Cofounder of Pearl Certification

As the founder of nonprofit and for-profit businesses, Cynthia Adams’ focus has consistently been on growing the cleantech industry. She’s raised grant and investor funding, developed product from the first discovery interview to sale, hired great teams to execute on the vision, and won a leadership award at a national conference. Her passion and focus is on growing Pearl Certification, a company she co-founded that is changing the way people improve and sell homes.