Gerry O’Brion, CSP

They Buy Your BECAUSE

Gerry O’Brion, CSP

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Learn a framework on innovation and influence that will show you how to become the #1 choice in crowded industries. Create disruptive strategies and messaging to attract your ideal customers, and leverage change to create unique competitive advantages, making you the clear choice. Your customers may be interested in your why and engaged by your story, but the buy your because. Gerry’s Power of Because framework has been used by manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and businesses of all kinds to clarify their message, drive referrals, and close sales. The presentation is a fun, thought-provoking dialogue that reveals the four critical questions you should be asking to stand out in the sea of sameness. It is packed with strategies and case studies from multiple industries that can be implemented immediately.

Gerry O’Brion has worked on several billion-dollar brands and distilled that experience into a framework that will challenge your thinking about why customers buy, and how they make referrals. Gerry O’Brion helps businesses grow. He has helped thousands of businesses become the #1 choice in crowded industries. He is the Founder of What Big Brands Know® and the creator of The Power of BECAUSE framework which shows companies how to stand out in the sea of sameness.

What attendees are saying: “Recommend him. Two thumbs up.” – John J Kailunas Chairman, Regal Financial Group

Gerry teaches a powerful process to influence customers to buy from you vs. all their other options. His strategies work in any business regardless of whether they are B to B, B to C, have a large budget or small. Gerry spent his career as an executive for brands like Procter & Gamble, Coors Light, Quiznos, and Red Robin. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin.


Van Upfitting: Safety, Efficiency and Your Bottom Line

Jon Bezon, Adrian Steel

Regardless of your current company size, there are many ways to increase the number of calls and jobs you respond to. Learn how to best find the hidden money behind the partition.

Jon has spent the past 14 years in the van upfitting business with Adrian Steel Company. Jon has met many contractors throughout the years and has learned some “dos and don’ts” when it comes to van upfitting. Before joining the Adrian Steel Team, Jon owned and operated pizza shops in Northeast Ohio. Understanding the affects beyond COGS and labor cost has helped Jon in his career and the many customers he has consulted and commiserated with.

Codes & Coffee

David Bixby, ACCA

ACCA’s unique hour-long “Codes and Coffee” session is heading to St. Louis! Join David Bixby for this session and get involved in upcoming ICC code hearings, which include some notable proposals. We need your feedback on how codes work for your company and this is the place to give it.

David Bixby has served as Manager of Codes for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) since June 2016. David provides support for ACCA’s Codes Committee in reviewing proposed changes to codes under the auspices of the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). He identifies proposals of interest that have impact on the HVACR contractor members of ACCA and recommends public comments. At the direction of the ACCA Codes Committee he also prepares ACCA proposals to revise the codes, including traveling to public code hearings to testify in support of ACCA proposals and public comments on other proposals. Every month David prepares ACCA blogs and articles to educate ACCA membership on codes matters of interest. In August 2020 David assumed responsibility for processing ACCA standards approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This includes maintaining ACCA’s twelve existing ANSI standards, as well as supporting the processing of new standards in accordance with ANSI procedures. He also provides secretarial support for ACCA’s Standards Task Team (STT). Previous to working for ACCA, David has 35 years of experience in HVAC industry codes, standards and regulations working for the American Gas Association, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), as well as for other HVAC related manufacturers.

Opportunity is Ringing: The New Wave of Call Support

Ray Clark, Schedule Engine

In the home services industry, seasonality can be one of the biggest challenges that call centers face. We staff up and manipulate CSR schedules in peak season and ramp down and reallocate CSR staff during shoulder season. We know that every call represents an opportunity and a potential customer, but delivering prompt, knowledgeable service 100% of the time is easier said than done. Today’s customers don’t just expect someone there to answer the phone 24/7/365, they expect to schedule a job on the spot. As contractors, we need to find a way to meet customers’ expectations while looking out for our call center & technicians.

Ray Clark, VP of Sales & Founding Team Member at Schedule Engine, started his career at Carrier Corporation and has been working in the industry for the past 10+ years. During the pursuit of his MBA at Villanova University, Ray met Austin Haller (Founder & CEO of Schedule Engine) where they studied consumer psychology, disruptive technology, and go-to-market strategy. As an engineer by trade, Ray’s created scalable, customer-centric processes helping Schedule Engine grow from one contractor to hundreds of contractors in North America.

Increase Profits and Revenues

Chris Crew, The Blue Collar Success Group

Top line revenue focus can be exhausting without a plan! If you aren’t as profitable as you would like to be, it can add to the exhaustion. In this session find out how to feel revived to drive sales profitably. Chris will challenge your thinking as he lays out the simplicity of increasing sales and your margins while driving a strong bottom line. Increasing revenue and profit will be easier than ever before, after you discover the 4 things you need to implement.

Chris in 2005 joined a residential electrical company in Atlanta, and was quickly promoted to a supervisor responsible for 18 trucks and producing more than $4 million in revenue. He moved to Sarasota, Fla. in 2008 and served as a business coach for a large electrical company helping franchisees achieve success, like the “Million Dollar Award” he won in Georgia for producing $1.4 million in revenue. Chris, from 2010 to 2012, coached various plumbing, electrical and HVAC businesses for the franchisor and eventually oversaw the coaching team for more than 90 locations nationwide. He then shifted to owning an electrical business, growing the company in a four-year span from 10 trucks to 60, five locations and generating $18 million. Chris ultimately sold his shares of the company to join The Blue Collar Success Group.

Take Ownership of Leadership

Bryan Dodge, Dodge Development

An awesome informative program for both Owners and their staff! Bryan will teach how the learning objectives below are necessary for long term sustainability when it comes to great leadership. He will reveal the intangible quality that will take your leadership skills to higher levels, and improve your overall communication skills. He will show how you can help the people that you lead overcome the challenges that inhibit their success.

Bryan brings an energy and dynamic that is both engaging and educational. His love of people, sincere approach and true passion for transforming lives is what makes him stand out from the crowd. He’s the author of “The Good Life Rules” and co-author of “Becoming the Obvious Choice”, each with over 500,000 copies sold worldwide. His latest offering was released in May of 2018 and is entitled “The principles of an Unstoppable Family Business”. Bryan is dedicated to improving people’s lives and helping business owners build better businesses and more productive teams. His vast experience with organizations of all types, energy, and passion is what makes him a must see. Bryan Dodge’s many years in the business development and consulting industry has enabled him to become one of the most sought-after commodities in the country! His company, Dodge Development Inc., has a proven track record of helping businesses and associations overcome adversity, build their organizations and achieve their goals. Not only is Bryan an expert at helping businesses identify problem areas, he is especially proficient in equipping them with all the tools they need to grow and prosper. Bryan’s professional history started with a company he created in the early 90’s called “The Results Educational Network”. It included alliances with some of the nation’s top-speakers and trainers including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins. The mission was to strengthen every aspect of what businesses were made of, including the most important asset, its people!

Wait...Is My Business For Sale?

Fred Silberstein, SF&P Partners

Whether you plan to sell today or never, you should treat your business like it’s for sale. The value of your business affects more than just the sale price. It affects your ability to obtain and offer credit, to attract quality customers and employees, and much more. And, without proper accounting and finalcial reporting practices, you can never know the true value. Join Fred as he shows the key ways to ensure your business has its highest possible value and explains how to avoid common mistakes when actually selling your company.

Fred Silberstein is a licensed CPA with 20 years’ experience specializing in mergers and acquisitions for HVAC, plumbing and cellular clients throughout the United States. Individually and with SF&P Advisors, Mr. Silberstein has performed more than 200 valuations and due diligence procedures for such clients as American Residential Services, Blue Dot Services, Energy King and Service Experts. As a financial consultant, he has performed more than 150 transactions, 90% of which have been in the air conditioning and plumbing industry. After graduating from The University of Arizona with honors, Fred worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers for four years as an auditor and senior accountant specializing in mergers and acquisitions of Fortune 500 companies.

How To Hold Your Digital Marketing Agencies Accountable

Chris Yano, RYNO

There is no reason that you shouldn’t know exactly how your digital marketing is performing every month down to the total number of legit new leads, cost per lead, and exact revenue. We will show you exactly how to do it with a simple call tracking number, contact forms, and human beings. These tactics will also help you hold your CSR’s accountable and offer coaching monthly with CSR assessments. The most critical piece of the marketing puzzle.

Chris is the CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions, a leading Digital Marketing company that has focused on the home services industry since 2008. He is also the host of the popular HomeServices Podcast, To The Point. Chris is an experienced businessowner, investor and philanthropist with a heart for the trades. He’s done 1000’s of keynotes, breakouts and webinars on successful digital marketing best practices for home services companies during his tenure. In 2018, Chris created a partnership with Gary Vaynechuck, CEO of Vayner Media, arguably one of the best social/branding companies in the world, to bring a strong social/brand approach to the home service industry. Our motto at RYNO is “We Exist To Grow Your Business…Period.” That is exactly what we continue to do for the past 12 years. Chris is married to his wife of 14 years, Anna Yano (RYNO COO) and has 4 children, Kaycee, Berkeley, Mason & Fallon Yano

cody novini

The Veteran Advantage

Cody Novini, SoCal Airflow Pros

When hiring, military veterans come equipped with several built-in advantages over candidates who have not served. Most already have an impressive background in leadership, teamwork, integrity, respect for procedures, technology, inclusion and motivation. Incorporating veterans into your company can be the key to improving your functionality, efficiency and your overall profitability. Join Cody as he walks you through how his company excels because of their foundation based on involving veterans and helping them succeed.

Cody Novini has been the owner of SoCal Airflow Pros, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA since 2015. Shortly after Cody Novini was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in July of 2010, he was hired by Service Champions in Southern California. In just two years, Cody worked his way up from an entry-level technician to a senior technician. Four years later, Cody left to start his own company: SoCal Airflow Pros. SoCal Airflow Pros has organically grown from Novini’s garage to a company of 18 employees. Now, it is one of the top-rated companies in their service area with over 100 “cut-throat” competitors. They are also one of only three ACCA Quality Assured (QA) Accredited contractors in their market, setting them apart from their competitors and keeping them ahead of the game.

Michael Sauer

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: How to Work and Communicate More Effectively

Michael Sauer, Scorpion

Each generation has developed their own set of values and outlooks based upon their common experiences and needs to be communicate with different. Join Michael Sauer, Scorpion’s Master Trainer and Coach, in his engaging and interactive session in which you will learn how to more effectively communicate with Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

Michael Sauer is Scorpion’s Master Trainer & Coach who has 18+ years of experience as a certified speaker, coach, trainer, and professional consultant who works exclusively with trades businesses to develop customized programs to help them achieve their respective leadership, management, and sales goals.