The Power of Implementation

Mike Graessle, Hetter Heating

Great ideas are just that, ideas…until you take action. Figuring out how to make things happen can be a struggle for many of us. We often hold back because of challenges we perceive to be overwhelming. And with so many valuable ideas found at ACCA’s Conference, one of the biggest issues is actually doing something with what you learned. With the right plan in place, challenges are actually minor and manageable. Join Mike as he walks you through the step-by-step process Hetter Heating & Cooling uses to implement the ideas like the ones you will learn during ACCA 2020 and turn them into profit.

How to Manage People with Numbers Not as Numbers

Alisha Lawrence, Classic Air’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

When someone was born doesn’t matter as much as how well you respect their ability to grow your business or to help it fail. If you treat people like they are numbers, they will look at you and your business only as a number (paycheck). If you want people to buy in to you and your business ideals, then you must lead and buy in to them as individuals. Join Alisha as she walks you through ways to engage your people, build their confidence, and manage them to beat your numbers!

Lee Rosenberg and Dan Weis

Is it Labor, Efficiency or Pricing?

Lee Rosenberg, Rosenberg Indoor Comfort
Dan Weis, Weis Comfort Systems, Inc.

I have a great financial software in place. But what exactly am I looking for in all of these numbers?” If this is you,” then you’ll want to join Lee and Dan as they demonstrate best practices for using the data that is right in front of you. Do I need to add more technicians or retrain the ones I have.”

“Am I going to need to cut expenses in April?” You will learn how to predict important trends and make sure you are in position to capitalize on them.

Ryan Kletz

Legacies: Building a Solid Foundation

Ryan Kletz, Classic Air’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Many contractors dream of building a successful business to pass on to future generations. There is no one way to work through everything to make it happen. But there are several common foundational themes; Trust and Respect. Join contractors who have transitioned their businesses between generations to learn how they made the dream work.

Steve Truett

How Your HVAC Company is Like College Football

Steve Truett, Air Serv Heating & Air Conditioning

Many of us love college football. It’s not just a bunch of guys running around on a field. Participating in college football requires the same skills as running a successful HVAC company: Leadership, A Playbook, Recruiting, Game Day Plans, and Keeping Score. Steve will walk you through how to transform your team into a successful team!

Dave Boelcke

We Had A Hostage Situation

Dave Boelcke, Boelcke Heating

Situation Cyber-ransom is real. Thieves take control of your company’s information and hold it ransom. It’s an invasion of your privacy and your livelihood. And, the damage is not just financial. Join contractors who have been through this very situation as they tell their stories in the hope that it never happens to you.

Ruth King

Profit or Wealth?

Ruth King,

Discover whether profit or wealth is the answer to growing and staying in business. This session examines the rules of profit and the rules of wealth so that you can plan your business in 2020 and beyond. Key takeaways:

  1. Don’t grow unless you are willing to do these two things
  2. The 10 things that tell you whether your financial statements are wrong in less than 97 seconds
  3. The critical rules of profit and how to apply them in your business
  4. The critical rules of wealth and how to apply them in your business

Ruth has been instrumental in helping business owners understand and profitably use the information generated from the financial segment of their businesses. She has a knack for helping business owners truly understand financials.

Patrick OConner

Keep Your Money

Patrick O’Conner, Husch Blackwell

You aren’t in business to lose money, especially when you retire. This discussion will cover the best techniques for you to transition your business and personal assets while saving money on taxes to preserve wealth. Join Patrick to learn how some simple planning now can make all the difference later.

Lance Bachmann

Thinking Customer First: Unlock Opportunities by Leaning into Customer Behaviors

Lance Bachmann, 1SEO

1SEO Digital Agency’s Lance Bachmann & Google’s Derek Hartman are set to take ACCA Expo attendees into the next generation of search engine marketing. From understanding why and how your customers search, to optimizing your company’s digital marketing efforts and leveraging the latest A.I. to fine-tune your advertising & audience targeting across Google, the world’s premier search platform. Join this dynamic duo as they offer over decades of industry experience in helping HVACR professionals start winning online in 2020.

The Veteran Advantage

Cody Novini, SoCal Airflow Pros

When hiring, military veterans come equipped with several built-in advantages over candidates who have not served. Most already have an impressive background in leadership, teamwork, integrity, respect for procedures, technology, inclusion and motivation. Incorporating veterans into your company can be the key to improving your functionality, efficiency and your overall profitability. Join Cody as he walks you through how his company excels because of their foundation based on involving veterans and helping them succeed.

The Software Selection Session

Brian Stack, Stack Heating Cooling & Electric and Linda Couch, Parrish Services

No two businesses are the same and neither is every software. Software is a big ticket item that affects everything in your business. From how you answer calls and reach out to customers, to the way send out invoices and track your revenue, the right software can make your business more efficient. But the wrong software can slow down productivity and drive your team and customers away. With so much at stake, you need to get it right. In this session, you’ll hear contractors walk you through the software selection questions they asked and wish they’d asked and more, to help you discover and develop your own selection criteria so you can make the best software purchase for your business.

Consistency is Key

Matt Akins, ACCA

All technicians in your company should consistently perform maintenance and documentation procedures the same way. Consistently following system inspection/safety inspection checklists reduces frequent customer callbacks and complaints. It guides your training efforts in “what gets measured gets done” and supplies your team with a holistic approach. Naturally, it makes you money. But how do you get your team to buy-in? Join Matt as he walks you through how to get your managers to understand the importance of standardization, documentation, and consistency. Remember, “He who has the best data wins.”