seth mattison
Monday MainStage – Go First Leadership

Seth Mattison | Co-Founder & Chief Movement Officer of Luminate

In order to effectively lead others today we must first be able to lead ourselves. As traditional hierarchies are reexamined and leadership becomes less about title, tenure, and time at the organization and more about influence, impact, and social capital; our ability to develop, cultivate, and grow our personal presence and own our capacity to show up as our full selves every single day will become the new mandate for leadership in the connected age.

In this highly interactive deep dive discussion, Seth Mattison will add a new perspective to the conversation of leadership today by dissecting the most critical skills and competencies leaders will need to acquire in order to elevate their impact on the teams they’re supporting, the organizations they’re leading, and the communities they live in.

Seth Mattison, an author and futurist, will share his perspectives on the forces affecting the state of the workplace today. Mattison has advised brands and organizations around the world on key shifts in talent management, change and innovation, leadership and the future at work, and he uses that background to arm his audience with practical tools and techniques to deepen their professional connections and amplify their capacity to positively affect change and influence outcomes.

darren woodson
Tuesday MainStage – Creating a Winning Culture

Darren Woodson | Former Dallas Cowboy + ESPN Analyst

Transitioning from NFL stardom to a post-playing career isn’t easy for most football players—or athletes for that matter—but Darren Woodson has been able to find success working in a new field… literally and figuratively.

Woodson knows what it takes to win. Three-time Super Bowl champion, five-time Pro Bowl selection and described by Sports Illustrated as, “One of the hardest hitters in the NFL,” Darren Woodson is one of the greatest players to ever wear a Dallas Cowboys uniform. His athleticism, aggressiveness, and capacity to produce in the big game – paired with his character, leadership skills, and dependability – put him in a select level of performers in the NFL and secured him an elite position in the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

In order to win as a team it starts with buying into team goals, having the passion to work hard and finally the willingness to give your time and resources to the cause. In this session Woodson describes what leaders must embrace in order to build a culture of excellence with their teams. Learn how to embrace change, competition, and confrontation within your organization.