If you can only go to one event a year, this is the conference to go to.

ACCA and their staff have turned ACCA Conference into the most educational, informative, and worthy conference out of all the HVAC and trade conferences anywhere in the world. If you can only go to one event a year, this is the conference to go to. I always attend not only for the education but for the business contacts I make there. ACCA Conference is the best conference out there, period.

Brian Stack, President

First you have to understand my philosophy when it comes to attending conferences. Since any travel and time away from the office costs, the event must be evaluated by the value it provides for yourself and your company. As a result, when I make a decision whether to attend or not attend, I look at the return on investment for the time and money that it will cost.  If I decide to attend, I go with the attitude that my participation will result in bringing back enough ideas that will be implemented into my business, ultimately a contribution that will improve the company and the bottom line. I have been attending ACCA conferences for more than a decade and have never been disappointed. Over the years my participation has always resulted in a great return on my investment and has resulted in thousands of dollars to the bottom line. These takeaways were improvements in technology, culture, personal development, operational procedures, a look into the future, new products and interaction with some of the best contractors in the industry.  I’m especially excited this year because of all the changes they’ve announced. I love that ACCA is always reinventing itself, because it’s a great example for all of us contractors. We need to keep changing, too, and ACCA’s show is where that change happens.

Joe Nichter

Kept Me Interested and Involved

The conference as a whole was great! I love the learning lab speakers, they kept me interested and involved in their sessions. They also covered areas that I had never really considered before, which was very refreshing. The expo was great, it always is! And as a side note: the food was great this year!

Maggie Rodrigez

ACCA has figured out how to make things happen


Every single trend that has changed this industry for the better ACCA has been part of. Anybody can host a trade show or put on a conference, but ACCA has figured out how to make things happen, year in and year out. There’s just nothing else like it. I’ll be at ACCA because I learned and used many of the things that was needed to make me and my company a success. If you are looking to meet successful people in this industry, don’t miss this event. It’s a winner. If you see me don’t hesitate to talk to me, just ASK.

Mitchell Cropp

ACCA showcases the best of the best in our industry

I’ve been coming to ACCA’s conferences since 1997, and I can’t wait for the new ACCA Conference, because I always learn something new that helps my business.  On the show floor you get to see all the new products, talk to vendors about the tools you need, the services that will help your business and discover new ways to make your own company better.  Every year we come back with a great new find!  Last year, we researched digital gauges for our techs and having the ability to talk to all the distributors and see the actual products made the purchasing decision so much easier. ACCA showcases the best of the best in our industry, and any contractor of any size or type will benefit from attending.

Laura DiFilippo, Vice President

I dare say ACCA is one of the most fulfilling conferences I have attended over my HVAC career – the conference brings to light the issues and trends that affect my business and our industry and provides contractors the answers and solutions we need to succeed.

Rob Minnick, President

Sought Out Feedback and Worked to Build Relationships


For me meeting with competitors and manufacturers at every level was great. A number of the exhibitors on the show floor had fantastic representatives who truly sought out feedback and worked to build relationships. It is amazing what you can learn from other members of ACCA.

Kevin Dorough

So Many Great Educational and Inspiring Learning Lab Sessions

Top notch motivational speakers as well as so many great educational and inspiring learning lab sessions this year. We brought two new staff members to give them an orientation to the industry, and I’m so glad that this was their first conference, they learned so much. Thank you ACCA, we came home with our business batteries recharged for another year!

Kathy Townsend

I’ve been attending the annual conference for well over thirty years.  Without a doubt, I always come away with a number of ideas which we implement in our business to increase productivity and profitability. I get to see all of the new products and services available to contractors, many of which we would never know about from our local market vendors. I would say for me the greatest benefit of the annual conference is the networking…it’s among the best and brightest of our industry professionals.

Lee Rosenberg, Chairman

Nice Variety to the Day

I like that there was a good mix of keynote speakers along with different forums mixed in with the learning labs. It gave a very nice variety to the day.

Denise Webb

Success, how it’s made! I love the show “How It’s Made.” It is fascinating to get an inside look at the assembly process of successful products.  I get that chance at ACCA! It’s the perfect experience – a free and open environment to share and learn from other contractors you can related too. It’s the one show I don’t miss. I get to hang out with legendary contractors, ask them questions, and get really useful, practical advice that has saved me a lot of money and time. I go to the ACCA Show because it’s how we stay on the top!

Dave Kyle

Hey, a lot of contractors know the importance of R&D. You know, Rob and Duplicate! We go to industry meetings to soak up ideas that we can use in our own business. Well, if you’re going to steal an idea, you better make sure you steal from the best — and the best contractors are only ever together in one place: ACCA and Show. That’s why I go.

Narissa Rampey

It Was Worth the Trip!

It’s been a while since I last attended a ACCA conference, so decided to check it out.  It was worth the trip! The keynote speakers did a fantastic job and I personally was interested in all the leadership courses, at times it was difficult to choose which class to pick.

Troy Lanz

Great community of contractors with really good content. I was encouraged, learned from both the speakers and other contractors, and came back ready to take my business to the next level!

Jay Monger

I attend every year

I attend every year. It is the best resource for technical as well as business information.  It also gives me a chance to meet with my fellow contractors and exchange ideas. I would never miss it!

Dan Foley, President