Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
Universal Orlando
Orlando, FL
March 11-14, 2024

MainStage Sessions


Lead with Influence with Jake Havron
Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, and Mentor

Join Jake on his transformative journey from nurse to acclaimed speaker and strategist, empowering people to create their dream lives through results-driven coaching. Jake has always had a heart to serve humanity and guides solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and corporate workers strategically to increase their vitality and performance daily by providing personalized strategies and methods for increasing their business success.

In Jake’s keynote, he challenges your notions of leadership, aiming to astound you with new possibilities. Discover his “4 Pillars of Influence” and learn to connect deeply with your team, breaking down communication barriers and fostering collaboration. Jake’s session offers the key to impactful leadership, equipping you with the skills to lead with influence, innovate, and inspire positive change within your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your approach to leadership!


Manufacturer Leadership Forum

ACCA 2024 welcomes top manufacturing industry leaders for an interactive session on current events affecting manufacturers and the HVACR supply chain. Leading manufacturer representatives join ACCA 2024 for an interactive Q&A session where contractors can ask key questions and address industry representatives directly.

Contractor Forum Live

This session is when virtual becomes reality. One of the best features of ACCA membership is networking with top contractors. ACCA 2024 boasts one of the industry’s top online forums. And now, we’re taking it to the stage. Join us for a lively discussion on the issues contractors ask each other to solve and present ideas that have proven successful.

ACCA Town Hall

This session is the ultimate deep dive into the advocacy issues affecting contractors today. Moderated by ACHR News’ Kyle Gargaro, the lines of communication are wide open for contractors to share their thoughts and insights on ACCA’s advocacy activities and to help shape key initiatives.

Lessons in Leadership

After three days of intense learning, how do you focus on the key information and begin to implement what you learned? This session will feature ACCA’s leadership transition and will give you step-by-step instructions on how to take what you learned, break it down into workable tasks, and put it to work for you.