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Orlando, Florida | March 11-14, 2024

Heat Up Your Marketing Strategy: The Essential Tools and Tactics for HVAC Business Growth

Wednesday • March 13, 2024
4:15 PM -
 5:15 PM
Grand Caribbean 8-10

In the contemporary era, HVAC and related businesses must recognize the significance of effective marketing strategies. In this session, AJ Sonnick, Founder and CEO of ONE18MEDIA, will emphasize the crucial role of investing in marketing and guide businesses on successful implementation. Participants will gain insights into tools facilitating lead conversion, customer tracking, maintaining client relationships, and enhancing online visibility. By the session’s conclusion, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge to harness digital marketing for business growth and improved return on investment (ROI). AJ will underscore the pivotal role of marketing in today’s digital landscape, shedding light on tools like chat, call tracking, and website optimization for converting leads. Additionally, he will stress the importance of customer engagement through email marketing, social media, and other channels, offering practical tips for optimizing digital presence and measuring ROI effectively.

AJ Sonnick
AJ Sonnick

AJ Sonnick is the owner of the digital marketing agency ONE18MEDIA, which he founded in 2014 – a Long Island, NY based company. His career started in video production and IT – producing, managing, and directing alongside a team. After working in marketing for a bit, he took those skills and started ONE18MEDIA in order to help bring success to others.

AJ and his team are invested in their client’s success by providing innovative digital marketing strategies, powered by data and driven by smart ideas. Helping business owners grow is something AJ is passionate about and bringing them success through marketing.