Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
Universal Orlando
Orlando, FL
March 11-14, 2024

Breakout Sessions

How to Fill Positions with Incredible Talent

Brian Dodge

Dodge Enterprises

Bryan Dodge probably holds the record as the busiest communicator in America. His motivational keynotes span a wide range of topics, including professional development, the success habits of the wealthy, team building, leadership principles, and effective negotiating skills. A compelling thesis is at the heart of Bryan’s teachings: “Life is too short not to be happy, and life is too long not to do well.” Learn from the man himself how to fill positions on your team with incredible talent.

Community Roots & Corporate Growth: Building Foundations That Last

Brandon Brown

Brown's Heating Air & Plumbing

Join Brandon Brown on a riveting journey as he shares his remarkable tale of crafting a business from the ground up, engaging with the community, and establishing a resilient foundation. Unveiling key insights, Brandon emphasizes the paramount importance of community awareness, the flexibility to build a foundation at any stage, and the significance of taking pride in one’s business journey. Delve into the challenges of business ownership and discover how showcasing appreciation to employees elevates the entire enterprise. Brandon’s mission extends to inspiring business owners and HVAC professionals to make a positive impact and take pride in their career paths. Witness the transformation from dream to success as Brandon imparts valuable lessons from his own inspiring entrepreneurial voyage.

Discover Your Working Genius and Transform Your Team

Josh Vanderplate

Vertex Mechanical

The “Great Resignation” doesn’t have to be the story of your business. There are ways every business can experience high employee engagement and retention by establishing a culture of honor. Josh will share success stories of transformational leadership that will have phones ringing with new applicants and current employees experiencing the highest satisfaction and performance of their careers. Introducing the PIP – Personal Improvement Plan.

What would happen if a valuable team member was gone today? Learn how to evaluate the pain thresholds in your business and the impact each team member has on departments and leaders. Team mapping provides a unique view into the value of roles and provides a new way to process compensation agreements for each member. Ultimately – redefine how your business shows intrinsic value and compensation where it matters most.

The Language of Leadership

Angie Snow

ServiceTitan & Friendly Home Services

How do you talk about yourself, others, and your experiences? Do you apologize for it? Celebrate it? Act like it’s no big deal? Do you find yourself drifting to the negative side of things rather than having positive and optimistic language in your conversations? It’s time to consider the power you hold with the language you use. What words, phrases, and expressions are you saying that could be keeping you from going to the next level in your career, your relationships, and your leadership abilities? If you knew, you’d probably want to change it! Join Angie Snow to help uncover a layer of detrimental language that is holding you back and learn what to say instead so you can be a positive influence, inspiring conversationalist, and top-level leader.

Codes & Coffee LIVE: The 40% HFC phasedown is here – is there a cliff? Plus, residential A2L products!

David Bixby


Are we over the cliff? The American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act of 2020 mandates a production and consumption phase-down of HFCs to ensure a smooth transition to A2L refrigerants. The 40% HFC reduction has hit! Our Codes & Coffee panel of experts will discuss the market impact – so far. This will include an update on whether the recovery of HFCs had any impact to prevent a potential “crash” of available product and spiked cost in 2024. In addition, the A2Ls are here, the A2Ls are here! Since the 2024 codes will cover A2L equipment in residential applications, we’ll discuss how the transition to A2L products is progressing in the marketplace.

Our panel will feature Kate Houghton, vice president, sales & marketing, Hudson Technologies (the largest refrigerant reclaimer in the U.S.), Chris Forth, JCI’s vice president of regulatory, codes, and environmental affairs, and Don Gillis, technical trainer with Chemours. ACCA’s Manager of Codes & Standards, David Bixby, will moderate the panel. Don’t miss it!

The Power of Effective Coaching

Christyn Mueller

Johnson Controls

Get ready to elevate your approach to employment development! Dive into the world of staff engagement and skill growth with Christyn Mueller leading the way. In this session, she will break down formal and informal coaching, explore effective coaching models, and discuss the essential skills you need. It’s not your typical seminar – it’s a practical guide to enhancing your team’s capabilities and fostering enthusiasm in your organization. Join Christyn for an insightful journey that’s bound to make a real impact on your managerial toolkit.

Refrigerant Landscape, the AIM Act, and the Role of Refrigerant Reclamation

Kate Houghton

Hudson Technologies

The regulatory and environmental landscape for the HVAC industry continues to evolve. With the AIM Act sector-based regulation and refrigerant management rules issued this year and a multitude of state-based refrigerant regulations, business as usual no longer applies. Which refrigerant can be used for what application is becoming an ever more complex conversation. Contractors are faced with supporting both existing installed equipment and new installations, with a refrigerant supply base constrained by the AIM Act allocation system.

Kate Houghton of Hudson Technologies will elaborate on the refrigerant reclamation market, the mandated uses of reclaimed refrigerants in various industry sectors, and the future of reclaimed refrigerant in the move toward a low-GWP refrigerant environment. Contractors will also learn how to contribute to their business profitability by considering recovered refrigerants as an asset, not a liability.

The Art of Business Storytelling

Mel Aryat

Mettle Flex LLC

Traditional data points and dry presentations cannot persuade customers and stakeholders in today’s highly competitive business environment. This interactive one-hour seminar, led by two Harvard-educated experts with several published books on business and finance, aims to equip participants with the art and science of effective storytelling. Learn how to craft compelling narratives that captivate your audience, from boardrooms to high-stakes pitches, using the principles of human psychology, brand-building, and emotional engagement.

Defining Boundaries: When Your Business Partner is Your Spouse

Kristen Deese

Gulf Coast Business Coaching

When you’re married to your business partner, the boundaries between life partners and business partners can become blurry or even nonexistent, causing additional stress on the business and the marriage. Kristen Deese, co-author of When Your Business Partner is Your Spouse, will share how she and her husband Justin learned to ‘draw the line’ with each other healthily and respectfully. You’ll learn how to define your individual lanes and effectively set boundaries for a more fulfilling work and home life balance.

7 Steps to a Financially Fit Business

Ruth King

Business Ventures Corporation

Imagine you had total freedom. You didn’t have to worry about money. You didn’t have to be a slave to your business. The words “I can’t” are eliminated from your vocabulary. What if you could do what you want to do…whenever you want to do it? A financially fit business could give you that freedom. How? Knowing what your financial statements tell you and taking action based on what they say. You can do this in less than 10 minutes a month with 7 simple steps. Discover how in this session!

Become a Hall of Fame Leader

Aaron Ruddick

Reliable Comfort Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

Embark on a journey with Aaron Ruddick as he unveils the secrets to achieving Hall of Fame status in any field or industry. Discover the key activities and attributes that propel individuals to success, all while lifting those around them. In this enlightening session, learn how to elevate your influence and make a lasting impact in the world’s ever-changing landscape. Join Aaron as he explores the strategies that lead to greatness and set yourself on the path to becoming a true champion in your domain.

Turn Complete Opposition into Sales

Jeremiah Webb

Shop on Fire

One of the biggest challenges HVAC professionals face daily in business is opposition. There is opposition to price, timing, and pretty much anything you throw the customer’s way. During this dynamic presentation, Jeremiah Webb will share how to turn the opposition you face daily into rocket fuel to overcome it and close the sale. He will do this by sharing real-life experiences he has faced while working with industry-leading companies like Trane and Michael & Son.